Princess Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire Photo by Crumpets-Cosplay
Cosplay by Momo Kurumi

Cosplay Compare #13
Princess Anna from Frozen
As soon as I saw this movie I fell in love with the costuming from it. As someone who sews, I appreciated the fine details in the character modeling: everything from the seams, to the embroidery, and just the design in general, especially the folk art graphics used on pieces like the cape and skirt.It was my intention, upon falling in love with this pink wool, to instead of making a literal visual translation, make a slightly more impressive one: as if it were meant for stage, like a play or musical! Upon deciding that, I altered certain things such as making the cape bigger and more dramatic, enlarging the embroidery and scallops on the cape for easier translation from a distance, picking bright jewel colors for all of the embroidery, and selecting harmonious colors that all look bold and strong, but without visually empowering any one part over another so as to continue that harmony.I’ve spent near 300 hours on this costume, and I’m still wanting to add and even replace a few things on it, but over all I’m very proud of it and happy with how it came out and how much I have learned while making it!



Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet

Cosplayer: Ryoko Demon [TW / DA / FB]Photographer: Kifir [FL / DA]

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